How to write a supplier call out post like a boss

How often do you create a post on a wedding group asking for recommendations but are completely inundated by the vast amount of suppliers advertising their work? More than often, it is due to the original question being far too vague like “Photographer recommendations please, go!”. This might do the job but you can save yourself a lot of time and stress with a little more information. Here’s what you could add to narrow down your search: Wedding Date Suppliers often get booked out for popular dates years in advance. You don’t want dozens of suppliers contacting you who may potentially be booked for your date. Also, some supplies do offer discounts for off-peak dates so you may get a better price too if they know your date from the get go. Venue Some suppliers have a limit as to how far they may travel, while others might live down the road which could work out in your favour. If you're getting married at Pt Lincoln for example, make a mention of it just incase there may be some local suppliers who may be able to offer a better rate as compared with a supplier who has to travel from South of Adelaide. Budget Some wedding groups don’t allow prices to be mentioned, as it more often then not, leads a degradation of the industry when suppliers are competing on prices rather than the quality of work. But if you do have a tight budget, make a mention of a rough amount you are looking to spend, that will prevent high price suppliers to advertise as they know it won’t be worth their while. Simple using the words “affordable” will not work as different people have different ideas of ‘affordability’. Ceremony Time There’s a difference between a wedding that starts at 1:00PM and one that starts at 4:00PM. Some suppliers may quote less depending on your start time. Other suppliers who do multiple weddings a day like ce

lebrants may need this time to see if they are available. So now your call out post may look something along the lines of: “Photographer recommendations please. Needed for Sunday the 12th of August in 2018, Beach Huts Middleton, $2000-$2500, 4:00PM Ceremony.”. By providing more information, there is now a higher chance of supplier advertisement being available and within your price range, so you can more freely browse through their work and compare them. Brides, grooms and suppliers let me know in the comments if you can think of any more info to include or have comments about what I’ve listed.

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